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Carole Harrison
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Hi Kasie,

My name is Carole Harrison and I live in Arvada, Colorado. I love your works---they are filled with love and feeling, very prescious. I do try to stay in the present moment as children do, that is one reason I love to paint, you can't think about anything else. Ilook forward to seeing more of your work.

C. Harrison

Vonnie Kohn
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Hi Kasie:

Your "angel children" are just beautiful & send a wonderful message! Your colors & technique exemplify the mood of the subject & add softness too. Please continue to thrill us with your artwork!!!

Vonnie Kohn
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Oh, I forgot to mention where I'm from..a little town about 30 miles nw of Ft. Worth, Tx..called Springtown.

Daphne Kerbo
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Alison Schuchs
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I love your new site. Great Job,

From one of your faithful Blog Followers.


Valerie Jones
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Beautiful website! Your work always brings a smile to my face and warms my heart.

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Came via. your blog, and your new site looks great!!! I'm enjoying looking around! :)

Angela Sorrell
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Your website is beautiful as is all your artwork. I enjoy seeing the successes you have made. Your art is truly a gift and your tender spirit is radiated in each piece. May God bless you as you paint. Lots of love,
Your childhood friend (& cuz),
Hurley, Missouri

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Your website looks great Kasie, very pretty!
You have so much talent!!!

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Your site looks really nice. I love the scrolly do-dads. Your 'about the artist' is quite personal and not all resume, which is nice. I admire you for putting it out there. And of course, you art is amazing! (I feel like I should be looking at it in a nursery rhyme book.)

Alisia Campbell
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You amaze me with your talent.
Your work is beautiful.
Love your sweet spirit.

mandy booher
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Kasie your site showcases your work beautifully!
I'm so glad that you are using your amazing ability to create such beautiful uplifting art.
Your'e so inspiring.
I'm looking forward to seeing many more great things from you!

Heather Jerdee
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Kasie~ Congratulations on your site it's so pretty. Thank you for sharing your gift, your art and blog are inspiring.

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Hi Kasie

Congratulations on your charming website. What a treat to see all of your portfolio with your exquisite work.


Jennifer Johnson
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Kasie, when sitting across from you in Art class, I noticed you had something special. You are an amazing artist, you capture things that words cannot express. It is an honor to have had class with you. May God bless you in everything you do. Senior 98!

Eliana Ardila
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WOW..your drawings are AMAZING!! Great job!! Have you done any "animal" drawings? Those are my favorite, I am a big animal lover. My favorite drawing is the one in your home page, it is SO beautiful!

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Hello Kasie! Well done! I like "Courage", it touches me on so many levels.

Kendra Sorrell
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Hi Cousin!I love your blog and website !I LOVE your painting of "Courage".So neat!!!

See ya ,
Kendy Jo [my nickname]

Emily Johnston
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Wonderful website and even better artwork! Keep up the great work with both your paintings AND updating your site. Take care!

Jon Robert Quinn
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Great site. Keep it up.

Rebekka Flaig
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I was looking for pictures of Norman Rockwell, and so I got on your site. Your paintings are so beautiful and significat! I can´t stop looking on them!
God bless you, Rebekka
P.S. Sorry for my english, I´m a German Girl=)

nice website

suni designs

Kathleen Bellows
Interesting site. I am posting to let you know of an online Art Studio I set up for my mother, who is an artist in San Diego. It is at: I hope you like them. They range in size from 9"x12" to 16"x24" There is a shop which I think I put together right, and now I'm just trying to get some visitors !

Kathleen Bellows Art Studio

Ann Herrick
Very nice site, wonderful artwork!

I'm in Oregon.

Moonlight Tide
Check out this video I shot while recording the next album.

Marie-France de Vaise
Very nice artwork. J'aime beaucoup vos peintures!
Marie-France from Paris

WOW!! Awesome website, layout is also cool, matter on this website is mindblowing. I give you 10 on 10 (10/10). Keep up this good work.
-Raj Pal

jennifer habermehl

Ur talent is just so amazing. U capture innnocent and beauty in the most simple way. So beautiful. I am a fan of yours!!!

Looking at your sweet face,one could easily see the fairy who painted those delightful pictures. All the best!

Laura Scott
i love the angel you drue of me love laura Scott

I love the children as angels. So beautiful and sweet. Wishing you wonderful success - you are quite the artist!

Jo Castillo
Kasie, I received the Fine Art Views today and saw your website listed. Very cool. It looks really beautiful. Don't know how I missed it.

Your art of angelic children are an inspiration to me.

Jenny Lynn Prahl
Hi Kasie! You do beautiful work! The love shows clearly in each piece. I was directed to your site by an ad for web design by Fine Art. Are you finding success with this site? What would you change? What do you like most? I have never had my own web, the choices are stifling. Everyone seems to have contradictory advice. I think it would be better to listen to successful artists themselves. Thank you in advance if you are able to contact me with your advice. :-)))

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